Singapore Journals: Innovative Studies: International Journal (ISIJ)

Innovative Studies: International Journal (ISIJ)

aligned to the right Innovative Studies: International Journal (ISIJ) accepts scientific research and review articles from diverse fields in microelectronics, including but not limited to:

The realm of Innovative Studies: International Journal (ISIJ) extends, but not limited, to the following:
  - Case Studies
  - Change Management
  - Creativity
  - Diffusion of Innovation
  - Entrepreneurship/New Technology Start-Up
  - Environmental Issues in Technology Management
  - Innovation
  - Innovation in SME
  - Innovative Studies in Computer Science and Engineering Fields
  - Knowledge Assets and Management
  - Management of Emerging/Disruptive Technologies
  - New Product/Process Development
  - New Venture Management
  - Project and Program Management
  - R&D Management
  - Technology Alliances and Collaboration
  - Technology Assessment and Evaluation
  - Technology Strategy and Planning

These areas aim to target the foremost scientific peer reviewed journal encompassing diverse fields related to the cutting-edge technological advances in both academic and industrial arenas.