Singapore Journals: Journal of Selected Areas in Bioengineering (JSAB)

Journal of Selected Areas in Bioengineering (JSAB)

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Journal of Selected Areas in Bioengineering (JSAB) accepts scientific research and review articles from diverse fields in microelectronics, including but not limited to:

  - Biomedical and Cell Engineering
  - Biotransport
  - Human Dynamics
  - Design and Devices
  - Rehabilitation
  - Tissue Engineering
  - Biological Sensors
  - Cardiovascular and Fluids
  - Skeletal Soft Tissue Mechanics (Musculo)
  - Growth, Remodeling and Repair
  - Bone Mechanics
  - Joint and Spine Mechanics
  - Biological Systems and Models
  - Engineering Models in Bio-Medicine
  - Computer Assisted Intervention Systems
  - Medical Robotics
  - Nano-Mechanisms and Nano-Medicine for Molecular Systems
  - Nano-Bio-Computing
  - Molecular and Cellular Systems
  - Bio-signatures
  - Neuro-Engineering
  - Biomedical Image Processing
  - Microarray Technologies
  - Bioengineering Applications for elderly and disabilities
  - Biomedical Data Engineering
  - Biomaterials

These areas aim to target the foremost scientific peer reviewed journal encompassing diverse fields related to the cutting-edge technological advances in both academic and industrial arenas.